Mayside Recycling

Who We Are


Mayside Recycling has been providing independent recycling services in Guernsey for over 25 years. We are now one of the leading waste management operators, looking after the needs of households and commercial businesses across the island.

We are proud of the contribution we have made to Guernsey's recycling activity, and we look forward to continuing playing our part in a environmentally sustainable future for the island.

Company Profile

Our team is made up of individuals who genuinely care about the environment. They are driven by a commitment to delivering great customer service and by the knowledge that their day's work at Mayside helps to preserve Guernsey's environment for future generations.

Our 12,500 sq ft recovery depot is situated in the industrial heartland of La Hure on Les Monmains Estate, ideally located to carry out our recycling duties in a safe and controlled environment.

Mayside Recycling's premises and transport services are fully licensed under the Guernsey 2010 Environmental and Pollution Ordinance.

Mission & Values

At Mayside Recycling, we champion recycling today for the value it can deliver tomorrow. We believe that recycling is a duty not a choice and we are dedicated to providing the best recycling services to help us all make a positive difference to Guernsey's future.

The values that set us apart:

  • We put the environment first
  • We deliver excellent customer service
  • We promise to recycle your waste as near to 100% as possible
  • We lead the way with innovative technology and processes
  • We act with professionalism and integrity
  • We build relationships based on trust and confidence