Mayside Recycling

Public Recycling

What You Can Recycle

CARDBOARD Recycle Sites

Food packaging, cereal boxes, corrugated card, egg boxes, toilet rolls etc. Cardboard must be clean and dry. Please tear one side of packets and boxes so they can be squashed as flat as possible.

PAPER Recycle Sites

Newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, old envelopes, etc. Personal shredding can be placed in clear bags and deposited in any of the paper banks around the island.

PLASTIC Recycle Sites

PET 1, HDPE 2, PP 5 & PS 6 plastic only. Please remove all bottle tops and wash and squash plastic bottles. HDPE plastic includes shampoo and most cleaning product bottles. Bottles may have either the triangle symbol with '2' and/or the letters HDPE or PE. Important: do not include motor oil, garden or DIY chemical bottles as these are dangerous for the recycling staff who have to handle the plastic bottles. Do not include polythene, bubble wrap, polystyrene, crisp packets or meat trays.

WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Recycle Sites

All TVs and computer screens. Please place carefully in the bins provided to avoid any breakages, seeking assistance from the recycling site helpers if necessary.

CARTONS Recycle Sites

Milk, juice and other paper-based cartons. Please rinse before putting in the recycling bank.

For information on how to recycle other waste materials on Guernsey click here.

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