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29 December 2005

Recycling Staff Cut Xmas Break To Meet Demand

STAFF at Mayside Reclamation had to cut short their Christmas holiday due to the popularity of new cardboard recycling facilities. Bins at eight sites across the island filled up on a daily basis and the men turned in on Boxing Day to clear the backlog.

Mayside director Tommy Duquemin said that for a long time, people had been asking for somewhere to recycle cardboard. The States had recognised that by putting the contract out to tender, so the heavy usage of the bins had not come as shock.

'I can't say that I'm surprised at the response, but the amount we have been collecting has been staggering,' he said.

A total of 10 bins were placed at the eight sites a fortnight ago and Mayside expects to take delivery of a further 10 bins next week.

The company received many calls from people saying the bins were full and Mr Duquemin said he apologised for any inconvenience this might have caused.

At one site ' Manor Stores in St Martin's ' the driver emptied two full bins into his lorry and filled up three more with the cardboard that had been left alongside them.

'We've deliberately kept the size of the bins down to ensure that they are in keeping with others on the sites, because we have to consider the people who live near them,' said Mr Duquemin.

'We would expect the amounts to drop after Christmas but this is unknown territory at the moment and we can't say for sure if our 20 bins will be enough.'

Mayside has to date collected more than five tonnes of cardboard from the bins but Mr Duquemin said weight was not the issue, but the volume that was being diverted from landfill.

Bins are currently situated at Salerie Corner, Safeway, L'Eree, Vazon, Cobo, Manor Stores, the viewing car park on the north side of the airport and opposite L'Ancresse Bay Hotel.

'Every one of them has been filling up daily,' said Mr Duquemin, whose staff went back to work on Boxing Day despite working until late on Christmas Eve.

Cardboard recycling facilities have been available to businesses for some time and Mr Duquemin said there was a clear indication that private individuals wanted the same.

Paper and polythene collections were also increasing, he said, and in the new year the company will lease another yard adjoining its premises in the former Leale's Yard to cope with demand.

Most used newspaper is currently shipped to France while some newspaper, cardboard and the polythene goes to the UK.