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14 January 2012

Recycling Record Reached By Mayside

A record amount of recycling was collected last year during the first 12 months of a partnership between Mayside Recycling and Condor Logistics, the companies have said.

As part of a two year agreement , which started at the beginning of 2011, the companies work together to collect and ship both public and commercial waste to the UK.

Mayside Recycling, a privately owned and run company, last year filled 354 13 metre trailers, according to its operations director Liam Bourgaize, which each weighed around 20 tonnes.

"It has been a great 12 months for us and last year was our busiest ever. We worked every day apart from from Christmas Day and New Year's Day and it does seem that more and more people are recycling, which is brilliant, and I am hopeful it will be the same this year," he said.

Condor Logistics relationship director Mike Payn said the agreement worked perfectly and was cost effective.

"The success of our first year has strengthened the partnership between us and I look forward to what this year will bring," he said.

The freight company's business development manager Eddie Clark said he was surprised at how the system worked in the island.

"Compared to the UK, it is a lot smaller here for recycling so I am pleased with how well things have worked and how much waste we have been able to ship."