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28 December 2011

Plenty Of Room At The Xmas Bins

Extra Bring banks and collections have proved a success this Christmas, according to recyclers.

Islanders were pleased to find plenty in the sites for their recycling on Boxing Day and yesterday, thanks to extra pick-ups by States Works & Mayside Recycling - who described it as the busiest Christmas they have known.

Mayside started collecting their bins at 5am on boxing day and just before 6am yesterday.

The collections meant there was room for everyone to dispose of their paper, cardboard & plastic bottles.

Cliffy Roussel, States Works Recycling Unit Supervisor at Fontaine vinery, was helping collect recycling on boxing day & yesterday.

"Our lads and the Mayside team have done exceptionally well . Hopefully it's been kept down enough for people to keep recycling for the rest of the festive season with no trouble."

Mayside operations director Liam Bourgaize said it looked as if the 18 lorry loads collected on Boxing Day would be topped yesterday.

"We worked all morning to clear everything including the paper & cardboard." He Said " What we find is people go out to see the family on Boxing Day and stop off and do their recycling on the way so that's why we were so keen to get in cleared."

"Some bins were full within a couple of hours - This is the busiest Christmas I can ever recall. Maybe it's the four day week weekend or maybe people are just recycling more in general."