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25 May 2010

Old Screens To Be Dismantled To Increase Recycling

ALL the materials in old televisions and computer screens dumped at Longue Hougue will now be recycled.

Previously only 40% of the materials from the equipment could be reused, with the rest being sent to landfill.

Public Services has joined with Mayside Recycling to set up the scheme.

An employee from the company has been trained to take televisions and screens apart and sort them. They will then be shipped to a plant in the UK.

Deputy Public Services minister Scott Ogier said the initiative would take the island closer to meeting the 50% recycling target.

'This scheme is the next step towards 100% recycling of waste electronics and will increase our recycling rate. Initiatives such as this are a great example of using our waste as a resource rather than as something we have to get rid of. All the separated parts will go off to be reused or recycled.'

He added that the department was keen to start including other electrical items such as toasters, irons or hairdryers in the scheme if it proves successful.

Last year about 250 tonnes of waste electronic and electrical equipment, also known as WEEE, was collected at Longue Hougue.

That figure does not include items which are taken away from the site after they have been dropped off to be reused by islanders.

TV and computer screens are thought to make up the bulk of this total because they are among the heaviest and most commonly used WEEE objects.

Recycling officer Tina Norman-Ross said she wanted to encourage people to take all their old electrical items to Longue Hougue instead of putting them in the bin.

'We don't know how much [electrical equipment] is missing because some people throw small items like electric toothbrushes into bin bags.'

The cost of expanding the scheme will depend on the number of tonnes sent to Longue Hougue, but Deputy Ogier said it could be done within the department's budget.