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21 November 2013

Mayside To Provide Processing Services For Kerbside Recycling Scheme For Guernsey

Mayside Recycling Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is working together with the Public Services Department to deliver the Interim Kerbside Dry-Recycling Scheme on Guernsey by providing a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Mayside Recycling will also be working closely together with all the Douzaines on the island and their waste collectors, with a view to starting the island-wide collection service in March 2014. MRF processing equipment will be installed at Mayside Recycling's waste licenced facilities at Les Monmains industrial estate to process the dry recyclables from kerbside collections. Mayside Recycling will also continue with its collection services for the bring banks provided by PSD. Mayside Recycling Chairman Alan Crowe commented, "We're delighted to be working on the interim kerbside recycling scheme for the residents of Guernsey. Bring Banks together with Kerbside Collections will provide an increase in the recovery of dry recyclables by enabling and encouraging a new group of residents to recycle, and for those who are already recycling, to do more. Crucially it will begin to divert more dry recyclable material away from landfill." He continued, "The challenge now is to communicate to Guernsey residents exactly which dry recyclables can be recycled, in what bags and when. It's extremely important that the dry recyclables allocated to specific bags are the only waste materials in them." Mr. Crowe concluded, "PSD, the Douzaines and their respective waste hauliers have all put a lot of time and effort into bringing this interim kerbisde recycling scheme to fruition and were looking forward to working with them. It's the first very important step of a broader Waste Strategy that will enable Guernsey to have an environmentally sustainable future."