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05 December 2009

Mayside has new local owner

MAYSIDE Recycling has been sold to a local firm.

Newly-formed Guernsey Waste Recycling has taken over the operation at the former coalyard at La Hure Mare Lane, Vale.

It is looking to expand the business that deals with the collection and export of paper, cardboard, plastic and beverage and food containers left at bring banks under a contract with the Public Services Department.

New chairman Karl Van Katwyk said that there were no redundancies planned.

'We work closely with the States and we hope to expand on this and bring in new recycling initiatives,' he said.

'There's a lot of plastics we could be doing. We have the machinery and expertise to do that.'

He said that with the new waste plant being built, people were concerned about what would happen to recycling.

'We want to make sure there is an incentive to recycle,' he said.

'For us to buy the business at this time, we have to be confident to make that investment, so we're sure that Guernsey and Guernsey people are going to continue to recycle.'

Mr Van Katwyk was born in the island and comes from a family that has three generations actively involved in recycling.

He is also a director of Guernsey Recycling Ltd, a separate operation which mainly deals with metal.

Customers should not be affected by the buy-out.

The purchase price has not been disclosed.

Mayside's former owner, Brian Perry, expressed regret that the sale would start to draw to an end a long and happy association with the island, its government and friends and colleagues.

'Because Guernsey Waste Recycling has asked me to continue in an advisory role with Mayside, I know that it is more than well-equipped to handle all of the challenges that lie ahead and to take over and develop all that we have started at Mayside,' said Mr Perry.

'I recognise that many of the future recycling needs of Guernsey will be both complex and capital intensive and I believe that the island will benefit from a locally-owned and managed company which will be in tune with the future recycling aspirations of the community into the next decade.'

Mr Perry is also chairman of Perrys Recycling, based in the south-west of England.

He thanked all the staff at Mayside and islanders for supporting recycling. Mayside is now preparing for Christmas to try and avoid overflowing bring banks that have been a problem in past years.

It will close only on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.