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27 August 2009

Mayside Has Recycled 33,000 Tonnes Of Paper In A Decade

ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly islanders have won Guernsey an award to mark a milestone in paper recycling.

Since 1999, more than 33,000 tonnes have been sent from Guernsey to Aylesford Newsprint in Kent for reuse.

That is the equivalent of more than 200m. copies of the Guernsey Press, which otherwise would have gone into landfill, according to local recycling coordinator Tina Norman-Ross.

'Guernsey people have won this and should be very proud,' she said.

'The fact is that over 10 years the paper recycling rates are still increasing, so it isn't a fad, and we aim to keep that momentum going.'

Aylesford Newsprint recycling operations manager Andrew Perkins said the award recognised quality as well as quantity.

'Fibres used in paper-making can often be recycled seven or eight times before they become unusable due to wear and tear,' he said.

'It is a truly sustainable product and the more we recycle, the more resources and energy we preserve.'

Mayside managing director Tommy Duquemin said providing quality was key to a successful recycling business.

'That is the secret to it. You have to keep the quality up and the Guernsey people and the lads working here at Mayside are to thank for that.

'They make a lot of effort to stop materials being contaminated and do an excellent job,' he said.

Public Services deputy minister Scott Ogier said it was important to recognise the importance of the award and to build on its success.

'This award demonstrates the enormous progress in recycling that we, as a community, have made in recent years.

'It is something islanders can be proud of, but at the same time it is still important that we continue efforts to increase the amount that we recycle,' he said.