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18 December 2010

Extra 40 Bring Banks To Help With Christmas Waste Recycling

EFFORTS are being made to help cope with the Christmas rush of recycling.

About 40 extra bring banks are being placed at the eight main recycling sites - St Martin's Garage, Cobo Village, Vazon, Safeway, Salerie Corner, L'Eree, the Longfrie Inn and Chouet. There will also be additional cardboard facilities at Safeway, Chouet, Vazon and St Martin's.

Deputy Public Services minister Scott Ogier said he hoped the extra bins would make recycling easier.

'Christmas can mean a lot more waste generated so we are keen that islanders continue their good work and recycle as much as they possibly can,' he said. 'We need to keep up the progress that we have made in recent years and we hope the additional facilities and promotion will help with that.'