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12 March 2011

Digital TV Switch See 10,000 Sets Recycled In Nine Months

More than 10,000 television and computer screens have been recycled in Guernsey in just nine months.

November's digital switchover is believed to have been a major contributor to that figure.

Public Services teamed up with Mayside Recycling in May to create a scheme in anticipation of the switchover ensuring all of the material from unwanted TV sets and monitors would be recycled.

The Longue Hougue Recycling facility has sometimes sent two skips a day to Mayside Recycling's North Side Depot.

TV's and computer monitors go from Longue Hougue to Mayside For processing, which involves stripping them down before sending them to the UK.

Mayside's operations director Liam Bourgaize said: " We strip down every last nut and bolt, including the screen, the plastic and the circuitry."

"All the material is segregated before being shipped to specialist companies in the UK for recycling. Mayside is fully compliant with UK regulation and we have trained specialist staff."